Cannot load any third party plug-in on my new Apple M1 machine

If you cannot load any plug-in in the standalone application version of Patchwork or Axiom or when loaded as a plug-in in Logic, it is likely that the plugins you are trying to load are not ready for the M1 processor. So you need to either load Audio Units (since March 2022 both Axiom and PatchWork can load non-M1 audio units while running as native M1), or launch PatchWork, Axiom or Logic under Rosetta (intel translation).

To do so, go to the applications folder, find the PatchWork or Axiom icon, right click on it, then select "Get Info".  In the info pane, select "Run with Rosetta".

Next time you launch the software it will run as an intel process, so you will be able to load any plug-in that is not ready for the M1 processor.