Native Apple Silicon Support (M1 ARM Chip)

We are glad to announce that previews of our software are now available with native Apple Silicon ARM support!

So if you are running a new Mac with an M1 processor, you can now choose to run our software natively on the processor (instead of going thru the translation layer called Rosetta 2).

The previews are 64-bit Intel and ARM universal binaries. They will run on Mac OS 10.9 or newer, with either an Intel or ARM processor.

Available Products

ARM previews are currently available for the following plug-ins / apps:

How To Get The Previews?

Follow this tutorial to access the preview downloads. You will find the native ARM installers in the subdirectory named “Apple Silicon“.

Why Not Official Releases?

Building for ARM means dropping support for Mac OS 10.8 or earlier, as well as dropping 32-bit support. We would like to keep supporting customers using older systems as long as possible. Since newer Macs with Apple Silicon machines have been released very recently, they are not widely used yet.

Also, most host applications are Intel only, so they will load plug-ins as Intel binaries with the Rosetta 2 translator on newer Mac anyways.

But keep in mind that our previews are usually very stable, so you can use them safely on your new (or old) Mac!


And feel free to send us your feedback about these previews, whether you are running an Apple Silicon or Intel Mac!

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Significant Updates Announced at NAMM / Previews Available

We are happy to announce significant free updates for 6 plug-ins! Blue Cat’s DynamicsProtectorFreqAnalyst MultiStereoScope Multi, Oscilloscope Multi and DP Meter Pro will be demoed on our booth (#16300) at NAMM this week.

If you are a registered customer, check out the preview versions that are already available on the full versions download pages (link received by email upon purchase)! Continue reading

New Guitar Plug-In To Be Unveiled at NAMM 2019

We are looking forward to showing you our new creation! It will be unveiled at the NAMM Show next week! Stop by our booth #16300 to check it out, or keep connected on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or this blog!

Please find below a few pictures to give you an idea… More details to be revealed very soon! Continue reading

Blue Cat’s Axiom – News!

So you are wondering what’s going on with Blue Cat’s Axiom since its announcement at NAMM earlier this year? It’s not Q2 yet, but we are making progress!

Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.3

We have just shipped Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.3, and all the improvements for this release will be included into Axiom.

So you might want to check out the latest version of Blue Cat’s Destructor to have an idea of what guitar and bass amp simulations will look and sound like in Blue Cat’s Axiom 1.0!

New Built-In Effects

Some of the new built-in effects for Axiom: Click to enlarge

As you can see in the screenshot here, new built-in effects have been added since our NAMM demos.

Continue reading