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Blue Cat's Master Pack - Essential plugins for Mixing and Mastering (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's Master Pack

After demoing I just had to splash out on the Mastering bundle, really impressed with the EQ, dynamics and spectrum analyser plug-ins. Played with them for ages and only then turned my attention to the Peak Meter Pro... that thing is awesome!

Great plug-ins and great price, thanks. - Neil Pullen

Blue Cat's Analysis Pack - Audio Analysis Tools and Audio to MIDI Plugins Bundle (VST, AU, DX, RTAS) About Blue Cat's Analysis Pack
Blue Cat's Analysis Pack was granted the Innovation and Performance awards by Computer Music Magazine

"As is apparent, this bundle is nothing if not feature-packed. The more analytically-minded will find the amount of information on offer pretty incredible, and the ability to output MIDI and automation data is an excellent, forward-thinking feature that alone would be enough to sell this collection to some - the same goes for the Multi functionality."

"Verdict: the Analysis Pack sports many innovative features that you simply won't find elsewhere, and it actually goes beyond analysis with its clever CC/automation generation features." - 9/10 rating and performance and innovation awards granted by Computer Music Magazine (CM), Feb 2008 -

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro - Real Time Spectrum Analyzer and Audio to MIDI AU, RTAS, DX and VST Plug-in About Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro

The Blue Cat Frequency Analyst jam packed with different ways to visualize your audio. Sure the standard saying among most sound engineers is "use your ears" but everyone needs a little bit of visual aid. In this case of course it is a lot of visual aid. - Daniel Agosto, Media Producer for - see the video review on

Blue Cat's StereoScope Pro - Real Time Stereo Field Analyzer and Audio to MIDI Plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's StereoScope Pro

"Blue Cat Audio's Analysis Pack gives such great visual feedback on my tunes that I'm thinking about ditching the speakers altogether. Its StereoScope in particular is the most intuitive stereo analysis tool I've used" - Lee du-Caine, Deputy Editor at Computer Music Magazine.

Blue Cat's StereoScope Pack - Real Time Stereo Image Audio Analysis VST, DX, AU and RTAS Plug-ins Bundle About Blue Cat's StereoScope Pack

"Remember, the object of these devices are to make your music sound even more professional.[...] Blue Cat Audio doesn’t just make plugins without a reason. While these two are very similar, they work for very specific recording work segments. My opinion is that you want to use the StereoScope Multi when tracking or mixing your tracks and the StereoScope Pro when you are ready to “Master” your audio down to a two-track master! - Glen Heffner, CakewalkNet [Read full review]

Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer - Multi Band Mixing Plug-in and VST/VST3/AU Host About Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer

"Having had the pleasure of working with Patchwork and MB-7, I would most assuredly miss them if they were to disappear from my DAW. Enthusiastic thumbs up for both of these gems. Well done, Blue Cat. Very well done indeed!" - SoundBytes Music Magazine - June 2016 - [full review].

Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix - The All-in-One Multiband Dynamics Processor About Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix

"As most know, I'm a multiband compressor junkie! From my first review, the MB-5 Dynamix has to be the most complex multi I have seen in regards to the overall control on each band. Based off of the quality and performce of the other Blue Cat plug-ins I own, the MB-5 Dynamix will probably turn out to be my go-to multi-comp.

Prefer the MB-5 Dynamix over the UA Precision Multiband: I'm finding that I can push the MB-5 Dynamix a little harder before I get the artifacts and the additional parameters allows for extensive tweaking.

Comparisons between MB-5 Dynamix and iZotope's MultiBand Compressor: iZotope has been my first go-to for multi-comp's. MB-5 Dynamix beats it out. I really like having that extra band in the MB-5 Dynamix and the ability to select the crossover slope for each band is a major plus. Oh, and I have only touched the surface of what the MB-5 Dynamix can do.

[...] I have stopped doing comparisons with the MB-5 Dynamix and my other multi-band compressors. It's not worth the time. The MB-5 Dynamix is just better. I started experimenting with the "Cross-Band Side Chaining" function. Wow, talk about a serious!" - Byron Santo, bassist, producer and author (

Blue Cat's Plug'n Script - Scriptable audio / MIDI effects processor and virtual instrument About Blue Cat's Plug'n Script

"An amazing piece of software, it makes possible prototyping new digital signal processing algorithms in a few minutes. And now with the latest version of Plug'n Script, the scripts are running really fast!

Great tool for newcomers who want to familiarize with audio development or for professionnal developers who want to hear quickly what their algorithm sounds like." - Ivan Cohen, Developer - Musical Entropy.

Blue Cat's Dynamics - Compressor, Gate, Limiter, Expander, Waveshaper Plug-In (VST, AU, AAX, RTAS, DX) About Blue Cat's Dynamics

"No CPU load on idle channel is fantastic: I find that the feature by which the CPU load of the Dynamics plug-in (and I believe all BCA plugins) decreases to zero when the inputs are idle is just great. This simplifies quite a bit the CPU management strategy in a live setup whereby I do not have to worry about shutting down this particular effect when it is not being used.[...]

After using it for a while it becomes so natural that I wondered if all effects are like this...I tested a few others and no way, there does not seem to be many out there with that particular feature. Very nice touch. - Patrick Cournoyer. [Read full comment]

Blue Cat's All Plug-Ins Pack - All Our Professional Audio Plugins in a Single Bundle (AU, VST, DX, RTAS, AAX) About Blue Cat's All Plugins Pack

"[Blue Cat Audio] products are very good, sensibly better than what so many software producers offer these days; one customer can truly rely on the work they're doing because Blue Cat are very WYSIWYG-respectful. They won't mislead you into buying "studio mastering-grade software" just for you to see at home that you've actually bought a lousy no good EQ!

Secondly, besides being very good and reliable professional-grade tools, they're also looking awesome and even more: the company producing these software tools is constantly developing new cool looks and skins so they would better integrate in the diverse applications' GUIs you might use! In the age of Vista's Aero-looks madness, such behavior – especially when coming from common plugins – is nothing more than one of the most appropriate recipes for commercial success." Florin Tibu, Editor -

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