In-Depth FREE Destructor Tutorial, and more!

destructor-groove3Our partners at Groove3 have released an awesome in-depth tutorial for Blue Cat’s Destructor: all features of the plug-in are covered, from the straightforward easy-mode to the most advanced side chain distortion capabilities.

This tutorial is definitely recommended if you want to discover the plug-in or get the best out of it!

And you know what? This tutorial is entirely FREE: if you are not already a Groove3 customer, register on this page within two weeks, you get a free 30-days pass to watch not only this tutorial, but all others, including the PatchWork and MB-7 Mixer trainings!

Beware, that’s more than 1200 hours of videos: it may keep you busy for a few days…

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Blue Cat’s Destructor for Electronic Music

dark-side-destructorTo follow up on the dark side of the Destructor, we are glad to interview today Sink, who was part of the beta testing team for Blue Cat’s Destructor and also created many factory presets for the plug-in.

Let’s forget about guitar tones here, which is just one aspect of this non-linear channel strip plug-in. We’ll see what the plug-in can be used for in a more general context! Continue reading

Free Plug-Ins for Commercial Use?

freepluginsWe are often asked this question: “May I use your free plug-ins for my commercial audio project?”.

So we thought it was worth clarifying: the answer is YES, do use them!

These plug-ins are fully free, with no limitation of any kind (just don’t claim that you have built them, and don’t sell them…).

Also, they do not require any account creation, email registration or newsletter subscription: they are simply FREE, that’s it :-).


Everything You Need To Know About the MB-7 Mixer

groove3-mb7Blue Cat’s’MB-7 Mixer is one of our most feature-rich plug-in: it combines multiband processing, third party plug-ins hosting, mid/side processing, side chain support, MIDI and automation generation, multiple instances  communication and more…

That’s quite a lot of power into your hands, and lot to learn if you want to make the best out of it!

Our partner Groove3 has accepted the challenge to teach you how to use most of the features of the plug-in in their comprehensive MB-7 Mixer Tutorial. And we must say we are impressed: Eli Kranzberg covers it all, and yet it sounds really simple! Continue reading

Copy/Paste Settings Between Plug-In Instances

Did you know that you can copy and paste settings between instances of the same Blue Cat Audio Plug-In?

Also, did you know that it also work between different DAWs and plug-ins formats? For example you can copy the settings from an AAX plug-in in Pro Tools and simply paste it into the Audio Unit in Logic or the VST in Cubase.

That’s our tip of the day, enjoy!

The video above shows how to duplicate complex plug-ins routings with Blue Cat’s PacthWork, but it also works for most other Blue Cat Audio plug-ins.