Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.1 and Year-End Deals Launched!

bluecatdestructor1-1 We are glad to announce the release of Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.1, including several workflow and user interface enhancements (full change list below).

With more than 200 additional visual styles, new locking features for improved presets management, contrast adjustments for spectrograms, as well as a couple of other GUI improvements, the plug-in has become even easier to use, check it out! Of course, the update is free for existing customers, as usual!

Year-End Promotions

And since it’s this time of the year again, you will want to look at our end of year promotions: up to 25% off!


Just purchased a plug-in from us before the promotion? Don’t worry: like all existing customers, you will receive by email a coupon code to get even better deals (additional 10% discount)!

What’s New In Destructor 1.1

  • Lock each module or the user interface to prevent changes when loading presets.
  • Bypass, input and output gain parameters are now independent from presets.
  • Added more than 200 new visual styles with vintage knobs.
  • New contrast setting for spectrogram display.
  • Spectrogram display is not reset anymore when resized.
  • Touch screen support improved: enlarged shape dynamics arrows and shape controls.

How to Get The Free Destructor 1.1 Update?

The update is available for download from the same location as the original full version (link received by email upon purchase). Just use the same link to the download page, (maybe refresh the web page, just in case), and you should see V1.1 right there. That’s it! Install and play!


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Blue Cat’s Destructor for Electronic Music

dark-side-destructorTo follow up on the dark side of the Destructor, we are glad to interview today Sink, who was part of the beta testing team for Blue Cat’s Destructor and also created many factory presets for the plug-in.

Let’s forget about guitar tones here, which is just one aspect of this non-linear channel strip plug-in. We’ll see what the plug-in can be used for in a more general context! Continue reading

The Dark Side of the Destructor: Q&A


Our new plug-in, Blue Cat’s Destructor, will be soon available. So we thought you would be interested in looking at the “dark side of the plug-in” and know more about how it came to life, before getting your hands on it in a few days!

Here is a Q&A session about this new plug-in with our founder and CEO, Guillaume Jeulin. Continue reading

Behind The Scenes: A Truly Massive Update

With a massive update of 16 plug-ins, in all plug-in formats including a new one (VST3), it’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes of, even if it just looks like a few lines of “new features & improvements” in the release notes.

So we’d like to give you an insight of what’s going on at the office for such an event and share the story with you. This blog is called “The Dark Side of the Cat” after all, and trust me, it’s pretty dark out there! Continue reading