Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer V3 and PatchWork V2 – What’s Up?

If you haven’t been able to check them out on our booth after our NAMM announcement, you are probably as impatient as we are for the release of Blue cat’s PatchWork V2 and MB-7 Mixer V3!

What? Announced at NAMM?

In case you have missed it, the new versions were indeed announced and demoed two weeks ago at the Winter NAMM Show.

The full press release is available here. While we are still working on a few additions to the announced feature set, it should give you a good idea of what to expect!

New Look & Feel!

Both Blue Cat’s PatchWork and MB-7 Mixer will have brand new graphical user interfaces (GUI):

They not only look nicer but the workflow has also been streamlined quite a bit. We hope you will like them!

When? How Much? Upgrade?

Both plug-ins are expected to be released by the end of the month. Their price should remain unchanged.

For existing customers, the upgrade path is the following:
– Customers who purchased or registered the plug-in in the past 6 months before the new version will get it for free.
– Other customers can upgrade to the new version for a small fee (PatchWork: 15 EUR or $19 – MB-7 Mixer: 19 EUR or $25 – VAT excluded).

That’s It?

That’s it for the moment! We will post more information about the new versions shortly…


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Blue Cat’s PatchWork, MB-7 Mixer and Destructor Free Update

ho-ho-hoMerry Xmas!

This is probably our last release for 2016… 3 of our best selling plug-ins have just been updated!

These new versions mainly bring a couple of bug fixes and minor improvements that will make your audio life easier (details below). Check out Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.11, Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.54 and PatchWork 1.74!

If you already own these plug-ins, you can get the latest version from the same location as the original download (link received by email upon purchase or registration). If you don’t, don’t miss our year-end promotions, with up to 25% off!

What’s New for Blue Cat’s Destructor:
– Memory usage optimization: unused graphical elements are now unloaded on plug-in window close instead of next time the window is opened.
– Fixed (Windows): on older versions of Windows 7 with auto update turned off, the plug-in could fail to load.

What’s New for both Blue Cat’s PatchWork and MB-7 Mixer:
-Fixed MIDI channel issue with VST3: MIDI channel for note events was offset by one in the VST3 plug-in version and when hosting VST3 plug-ins.
-Improved perfomance when loading presets.
-Increased fine edit window width (opens when double clicking on a control).
-VST: fixed random latency compensation issues upon project load or when loading plug-ins while not playing.
-VST: fixed bypass issue when using reverse range in MIDI/automation settings.
-(Mac AU) Fixed latency compensation issues in Logic, on project load, or when loading plug-ins while not playing.
-(Mac AU) Fixed GUI display issues when changing size in Ableton Live.
-(Windows) new graphics for Windows installer.

What’s New for Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer:
-Fixed random crash in Cubase.


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Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.1 and Year-End Deals Launched!

bluecatdestructor1-1 We are glad to announce the release of Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.1, including several workflow and user interface enhancements (full change list below).

With more than 200 additional visual styles, new locking features for improved presets management, contrast adjustments for spectrograms, as well as a couple of other GUI improvements, the plug-in has become even easier to use, check it out! Of course, the update is free for existing customers, as usual!

Year-End Promotions

And since it’s this time of the year again, you will want to look at our end of year promotions: up to 25% off!


Just purchased a plug-in from us before the promotion? Don’t worry: like all existing customers, you will receive by email a coupon code to get even better deals (additional 10% discount)!

What’s New In Destructor 1.1

  • Lock each module or the user interface to prevent changes when loading presets.
  • Bypass, input and output gain parameters are now independent from presets.
  • Added more than 200 new visual styles with vintage knobs.
  • New contrast setting for spectrogram display.
  • Spectrogram display is not reset anymore when resized.
  • Touch screen support improved: enlarged shape dynamics arrows and shape controls.

How to Get The Free Destructor 1.1 Update?

The update is available for download from the same location as the original full version (link received by email upon purchase). Just use the same link to the download page, (maybe refresh the web page, just in case), and you should see V1.1 right there. That’s it! Install and play!


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Blue Cat’s Destructor Review: “Excellent”

The Garageband guide has published a review of Blue Cat’s Destructor, together with an overview video (see below). The plug-in was rated “Excellent”:

“having spent several hours finding my way around Destructor and putting it through it’s paces i’m happy to report that it really is as flexible and fully featured as Blue Cat describe. […]

Destructor’s interface is well laid out and a breeze to use; Blue Cat have went to great lengths here to make sure getting some fantastic sounds as easy as possible.[…]

Viable as a great sounding Amp sim as well as a downright filthy saturation and distortion plug in, Blue Cat Audio’s destructor offers fantastic value for money.”


>Read full review

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Destructor Review: 4.5/5 & Great Value Award

audiofanzine-reviewBlue Cat’s Destructor has already been reviewed by French website

The plug-in gets an excellent review: 4.5 out of 5, and a “Great Value” award.

Even if you don’t read French, you will want to check it out and listen to the 60 audio samples that cover a wide range of styles and applications.

Read full review here!

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In-Depth FREE Destructor Tutorial, and more!

destructor-groove3Our partners at Groove3 have released an awesome in-depth tutorial for Blue Cat’s Destructor: all features of the plug-in are covered, from the straightforward easy-mode to the most advanced side chain distortion capabilities.

This tutorial is definitely recommended if you want to discover the plug-in or get the best out of it!

And you know what? This tutorial is entirely FREE: if you are not already a Groove3 customer, register on this page within two weeks, you get a free 30-days pass to watch not only this tutorial, but all others, including the PatchWork and MB-7 Mixer trainings!

Beware, that’s more than 1200 hours of videos: it may keep you busy for a few days…

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